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LynX Office is an add-on of LynX Business Integrator that makes it effortless to upload data from Excel to JDE EnterpriseOne. Generally, a user takes these steps to mass upload data into E1:

  1. Prepare the data in Excel
  2. Enter header information manually (if this is a header/detail transaction)
  3. Cut/paste the data into the grid
  4. Save
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each transaction

In LynX Office, these steps are reduced to:

  1. Prepare the data in Excel
  2. Upload the data

Problems with the manual approach are:
  • Some data has to be entered manually. There is no way around it.
  • Transactions have to uploaded one at a time.
  • The upload can take a long time if a large data set is uploaded.
  • Not all applications have a grid to upload data. Z-Files is another option, but that requires additional steps and makes troubleshooting cumbersome.
The manual approach also raises has some technical issues:
  • The web server that is processing the user's upload is taxed and causes performance issues to other users who have sessions on that server.
LynX Office alleviates both the user and technical problems:
  • Users can enter all the data in Excel.
  • Users can lookup data (account#, for example) in Excel, so they don't have to flip back and forth between Excel and JDE.
  • Uploads are significantly faster than JDE.
  • Errors are displayed clearly in Excel itself. Error navigation makes it easy to identify and resolve errors.
  • Proof mode uploads is an added bonus: Users can upload the data in proof mode before uploading the data in final mode.

For more information on LynX Office, please visit our product page:

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