Excel GL upload to JDE


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I saw your GL upload video on your website. I have a few questions:

  • Can we do journal entries for ledger types that do not require it to balance?
  • Can we do reverse journal entries?
  • Is there a way to specify processing options for the upload?

We are also concerned about performance. Our team frequently uploads journal entries with 5000 or more lines. Do you have any benchmarks for this?
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Cool Calico

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  • There is an option in the template to run off balance checks. If the ledger type allows for out-of-balance entries, it will go through.
  • There is a Reverse Y/N field in the template. You can set this field to Y for reversals.
  • Processing option: The JDE version associated with the processing option can be specified in the template.

Performance: Here is a video link for a 10,000 line journal entry that completed in 1 minute 12 seconds. Please note that your performance will depend on the resources allocated to your server.
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