What is LynX.NET?

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LynX.NET is the .NET based development tool set that is used to create Business Processes for LynX Business Integrator.

What is a Business Process?
Simply put, Business Process is a .NET class library. It contains C# code to interact with JDE objects.

What can you do with in a Business Process?
You can:
  • Call Business Functions
  • Table I/O: Select, Insert, Update & Delete
  • Attach Media Objects
  • Transaction Control (set transaction boundaries across the above operations)
  • Call UBEs (Reports)

You can use all of .NET's functionality (current version uses framework 4.6) in a Business Process, so generic lists, tuples etc. are fair game. There is no restriction on third party libraries as long as it is compatible with the framework version.

How do you create a Business Process?
LynX.NET comes with a C# project template to create the skeleton for the Business Process. The project is a .NET library with references to LynX.NET libraries that allow you to interact with JDE objects. For a full tutorial on this, please visit Hari's blog at: https://syncimprov.com/2013/11/14/creating-a-business-process/

Our YouTube channel also has a video:
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